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APCS Ebulk - You'll wonder how you ever managed before!

Ebulk Benefits of Online CRB Checks

Ebulk - Here's what the majority of our customers experience ...

  • Ebulk Disclosures sometimes received in as little as 24hrs !
  • 80% of Enhanced Disclosures back within one week !
  • 100% of Standard Disclosures back within one week!
  • On average it's an 8 day quicker turnaround compared to paper based CRB applications
  • The reduction in your admin costs and recruitment turnaround time is huge !

Literally no mistakes !

  • Data is validated as the applicant enters it.
  • No scrawled hand writing to interpret here!
  • Errors and "typos" are identified and corrected at the outset.
  • The result is a 0.3% (one third of one percent) error rate ... No more wasted time dealing with returned forms - that's all a thing of the past !

Fast, Fast, Fast!

  • Data enters the CRB system the same day its keyed in.
  • Disclosures are dispatched by email the same day they're created.
  • Clear Disclosures (i.e. contain no criminal record) are sent to you electronically so they are not affected by mail delays, postal strikes or postage costs!

(Note: If the Disclosure is not clear (i.e. contains a criminal record) we notify the Manager by email immediately that they should wait for the paper copy of the Disclosure to be posted to them before making a recruitment decision).

Whether or not there is anything on the Disclosure, the applicant will receive a paper copy of the Disclosure by post from the CRB.

More Benefits Below:


  • Where there's access to the internet there's access to our system
  • The applicant can fill in the application at home rather than in your office freeing up your administrators time (another great cost saving!)
  • Improved applicant Co-operation - Employers find that applicants are far more responsive to completing online CRB applications than filling in paper forms, applicants attend to the form more quickly so everything moves along smoothly.

Full Support

Support and advice are all part and parcel of our service so you can phone any time during office hours for friendly, helpful support ... all totally free of charge.

No matter which application method you choose, we manage your Disclosure applications from start to completion with automatic chase ups automatically flagged and dealt with by us.

Flexibility to suit your needs

If you have special requirements we'll work with you to meet your specific needs. Our systems have been designed to be extremely flexible and adaptable.

Secure and reliable

Fully compliant with all CRB requirements. Extensively tested by APCS and the CRB for security and reliability. Applications are electronically submitted over the Criminal Justice System’s super secure network which basically means your valuable and personal data is incredibly safe.

Designed to handle 1 million Disclosures per year (that's a quarter of the total Disclosures market per annum) ... our system doesn't even break into a mild sweat when there's hundreds of users online concurrently !

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