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About the APCS Ebulk CRB Disclosures Company

Registered with the Criminal Records Bureau in 2002, APCS is a trusted provider of Criminal Record Checking Services to leading public and private sector companies, organisations and recruitment agencies, along with thousands of small businesses throughout the UK ... APCS is a firm favourite for CRB Checks !

Customer service is of paramount importance to our company, we work very hard to ensure all our customers receive the very best criminal record checking service in the industry.

Ebulk Online CRB Checks or paper based application forms

Employers can choose from our Online CRB Checks Application Service (also known as Ebulk), or by traditional paper based application form (or use both at no extra cost). With our Ebulk Service employers can easily submit, process, track and receive CRB Disclosures faster than ever before!

Speed of Service

Our speed of service is second to none.

Results for our Ebulk applications are sometimes received in as little as 24hrs (See Ebulk benefits for full details).

All paper based form applications are dealt with within 24hrs i.e. the information is forwarded on to the CRB by special delivery so they can start to process the information before 12 noon the following day.

The Best for Accuracy

Our Ebulk application error rate is ... 0.3% (one third of one percent) !

Our paper based form applications (CRB audited) error rate is 1.4% (That’s 14 applications returned in every 1000 submitted!) compared to other umbrella bodies at a national error rate of 7%.

At error rates of 0.3% for Ebulk and 1.4% for application forms we are undoubtedly one of the best in the country - saving you lots of time and trouble !


APCS has no connection with any other business. We specialise solely in processing Disclosures and offer a highly efficient, dedicated service.


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